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  • Nephaeon

    "Q: Are there abilities? 

    A: We have a perk system called “Automated support system” also known as “A.S.S.”. While creating your loadout you’ll have an amount of A.S.S. points which you can use to go into battle with various perks."

    Never before I have assumed that the FAQ page of a game that I would be testing would make me laugh so hard. Please, for the love of cosmos, keep this going.

  • codishazey

    For a team to win a map, is it based on how many rounds you win total? Say my team wins the first round and the second, but we fail to escape and team 2 wins the escape room round, so the overall score would be
    myTeam : 2
    team2: 1
    team1: 0

    so we would win? Or is it so long as you win the second round and manage to escape you win the map?

    Thanks! the perk system sounds hilarious btw, its nice to see some personality!


    Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see the amazing future that's ahead of us. 

    Also, can't wait to use the "A.S.S" points. :-)



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